• October 2021 New Moon

    This month’s New Moon is the last lunation before our last Eclipse season of the year. This Libra New Moon is a beautiful time for getting grounded.
  • September 2021 New Moon

    In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the last New Moon before the autumnal equinox. The last bit of harvesting energy is available to us. We can focus on what we’d like to collect, amplify, and take with us before the last of the leaves have fallen. Leaves fall off branches easily, after giving us a vibrant show. Let this remind us of how beautiful can be to shed.
  • August 2021 New Moon

    August is a month of extremes. The sun gives us life, and also takes it away. In certain places, mustard-colored sunflowers burst forth like daytime fireworks; elsewhere there is drought and destruction. This is the time of year when we find out what our previous efforts have yielded. We sort through our expectations, count the curveballs, and make peace. These results often determine our choices—and trajectory—for the rest of the year
  • July 2021 New Moon

    This Friday, July 9th, the Moon is New. When the Queen of the Night initiates another cycle, we can feel the energetic reset inside of us as well. Our inner tides crash up against the waves of the outer collective. Themes of grief, rage, and heartbreak surface alongside horizon lines of hope, beauty, and possibility.
  • May 2021 New Moon

    This new moon in Taurus is a beautiful time to focus on expanding self-worth. It has never been more imperative to fall in love with yourself. You are priceless, no matter what capitalism says.
  • March 2021 New Moon

    Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are mere days away from the Spring Equinox. The last winter chill must be shed before we can fully thaw out and welcome growth. If you don’t feel particularly “new” right now, tune into what must be cleared away. Spend the next few days making peace with past regrets, past selves, and past lives.
  • February 2021 New Moon

    Creating Blueprints for Other Worlds In the Northern Hemisphere, February, March, October, and November are what I call bridge months. During thes...
  • January 2021 New Moon

    Priming the Vessel: A January New Moon Tuesday evening, twelve days into the time period we call January, we will greet a New Moon. The first luna...
  • December 2020 New Moon...

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  • November 2020 New Moon

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  • October 2020 New Moon

    On Friday, October 16th, we greet our invisible New Moon: a bridge New Moon between two Full Moons. A bridge New Moon in a bridge month. This Octo...
  • September 2020 New Moon

    Thursday morning is our September New Moon. There is an alertness, an aliveness to this time of year. Shifts are personified in the fading light, ...