• How to Create a Spirit...

    How do you create a spiritual practice? Sarah Faith Gottesdiener shares her insights into building a magical and practical spiritual practice, including prompts and suggestions to help you construct your own.
  • How To Tell If You're ...

    How do you know if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person? There are many ways to know if you walk through this world with extra empathy, sensitivity, and intuition. Highly Sensitive People, psychics, and intuitive people experience the world differently than most of the population and need special boundaries designed for their superpowers to harness their magic. 
  • Ancestral Work

    Loving yourself is loving your ancestors. Ancestral work can help everyone. Ancestral work is broad, vast, and incredibly important to any personal magical and spiritual practice. Read more about Sarah's insights and tips to connecting with your lineage and navigating ancestral work.
  • Seasonal Resolutions

    Seasonal resolutions are a way of living with how the themes of the season show up in our own worlds. They help the body, mind, and spirit to focus on what you need now. Read more to learn how to make your very own seasonal resolutions.
  • Some Ways to Navigate ...

    We all know that life is changing all around us, yet it is one of the things we fear the most. Landing on some real ways to deal with and navigate change in a quickly changing world is of utmost importance. I dwell on this subject a lot. Read more for are a few, non-exhaustive, practical tips that can help you navigate change.