• 222 Ways to Collaborat...

    You may already be feeling and seeing the themes of the Lovers Tarot archetype take form and permeate your life and in the collective. In 2022, we are being asked to make our choices from the heart. We are being asked to break away from our conditioning, take risks, and reconnect to our gifts and brilliance unabashedly.

    How can you collaborate with the potent energies of this archetype? How can you embrace, embody, and harmonize with the themes of Lovers Tarot Card of the Year?
  • Learning with the Devi...

    Maria Minnis is one of the brilliant contributors for the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. For the July Full Moon, Maria wrote about the Devil Tarot card and all its possibilities. Read the interview to learn about the void, what it is like to work on magical projects, and how the Devil archetype is one of Maria’s dearest friends.

  • Tarot Card of the Year

    Find out what your Tarot Card of the Year is and learn what your Soul Card is too with a how-to by Tarot reader Sarah Faith Gottesdiener.