All Modern Women orders are shipped with USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail (with the exception of posters, those are shipped via USPS First Class). We typically ship out orders two times a week, Tuesday and Thursdays. In light of COVID-19 there could be shipping delay with your order. Please email the studio directly with any questions on your order's shipping time frame. Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and support of this micro-business! We love you! 

Once an order is prepared for shipment, customers will receive an email from our studio directly (via our site or ShipStation or from with tracking information. Please allow USPS up to 48 hours to update their system. 

Please note: Modern Women aims to create as little waste as possible, so all order receipts are digital.

USPS Priority Mail packages are insured by USPS. If USPS has misdelivered or misplaced your order, you are entitled to that compensation but you must file a claim yourself as you are the recipient. 

If there has been a shipping error (sent to the wrong address, etc.), please email Modern Women with your order number for reference.

Modern Women ships within the USA and Canada only. If you are ordering from a country outside of the continental US, you are responsible for any additional costs incurred with customs. If you're an international customer looking to exchange your original order, there is a return-shipping fee. Some of our stockists do ship internationally. Please support them! View Modern Women stockists by clicking here [link tk].

Please note, sometimes shipping confirmation emails from Modern Women can be labeled as spam or land in your promotions folder. Please check email folders before reaching out. 

Delivery instructions included in order check-out notes are not guaranteed as we do not deliver the packages ourselves. Please contact your local USPS or delivery person directly. 

Thank you for your patience + understanding!